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Making sure you have North York crowns and bridges for a beautiful smile that boosts your confidence level is one of our priorities here at Newtonbrook Dental office in North York. Every patient matters to us and every smile is further proof we’ve done our job properly.

We like to start each and every visit off by introducing you to our pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. Dental health is our very first priority. That’s why our courteous, friendly and well-trained staff is always available to fill you in on all the information you need to know. We encourage our patients to ask questions about our North York crowns and bridges before we begin the process. We want all of our patients to be well-informed and very comfortable before they go through any type of dental procedure.


Our professionals are always available to supply any kind of advice, care and education. The services that we offer a range from traditional restorative techniques to cosmetic procedures that are effective and aesthetically pleasing.

We want to help you achieve a perfect smile and we are committed to making sure that becomes a reality. It doesn’t matter whether you need a root canal treatment or advice from our expert dental hygienists, or if you’re looking for the latest bone grafting or orthodontic treatments, Invisalign or dental implants, we are here to help.


Missing teeth is a situation that can cause problems and actually lead to more tooth loss. The North York crowns and bridges we offer are a permanent answer that can help you fill in the gaps left by this situation. This type of dental work can give you your smile and dental health back.

The bridges we offer are a permanent solution that attach themselves to your natural teeth. This excellent method supports the jaw and also prevents adjacent teeth from shifting around and causing further issues.

Missing teeth can cause a variety of problems. Our North York crowns and bridges are the right choice for a variety of our patients. Newtonbrook Dental office in North York has a variety of services available. One of the advantages to using our dental team is the fact that we listen to our patients.


We make sure that you have the ability to provide us with feedback. Constructive comments are the cornerstone of our entire dental practice and we actively listen to every comment. The reason is simple. It’s important to us to develop and maintain strong patient relationships that last a lifetime.

We want everyone in your family who comes to see us to feel safe and protected.

That’s what makes our North York crowns and bridges so special. It’s that combination of professionalism and compassion that brings patients back to see us over and over again. For many of them, it becomes a family affair. Our dental team meets with everyone and supplies options when we can’t save the teeth in our older patients. Of course, we look after every stage in between as well.

Why not take a few minutes to search through all the different services we offer at our Newtonbrook dental office in North York? Don’t forget to check us out on a variety of social media including YouTube and Facebook. Because we want to provide a total service to all our patients, we’re excited to go to the places you enjoy!

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