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We also include North York sleep apnea treatments that incorporate cutting edge technology. Sleep apnea is a serous medial condition that requires immediate attention.  Despite its seriousness and prevalence it has been under diagnosed quite a bit.  It is condition that during your sleep you stop breathing completely or partially.  It could be repeated many times during  sleep and patient might not be aware of it.  Snoring is not sleep apnea but in 70 percent of the cases is a sign of sleep apnea.

Symptoms include snorts and gasps as well as choking sounds when the person starts to breath after a stoppage that usually lasts around 10 seconds. Here’s how obstructive sleep apnea affects your rest.

Usually when you are sleeping, your muscles learn to relax and get ready for the upcoming day when you wake up. With this particular medical condition, the muscles in your throat and mouth relax too much and the flow of oxygen is blocked.  In most of the cases the golden standard is CPAP which is pumping machine that forces the air into the airway while patient is sleeping.  Unfortunately it is noisy and many patients are not comfortable with it so we can help those patients that don’t want to use CPAP.


That’s where our North York sleep apnea treatments come in handy.  We’ve taken the time to do the correct research to understand this potentially life-threatening ailment.  After confirming your sleep apnea issue we fabricate sleep apnea appliance that repositions your lower jaw in a more protruded and forward and lowered position. This would help to keep the airway from collapsing and prevents the sleep apnea.


Because we want to be sure to treat this potentially fatal problem correctly, there are a few steps we take which with each of our patients.

If sleep apnea does not get treated it would lead to serious issues like:

1-High blood pressure

2-Chronic fatigue and daily drowsiness and sleepiness

3-Stroke and heart attach

4-Change of metabolism and gaining weight

5-Bad breath and grinding of teeth and reflux

6- loss of memory

It is interesting to know that recently researchers have found that some of HDHD cases are actual sleep apnea cases in children due to their enlarged tonsils or adenoids.  Due to similarity of the symptoms they have been misdiagnosed with HDHD.

It’s important to find the right kind of treatment for North York sleep apnea. That’s why we always recommend a sleep study be undertaken. It’s the best way to determine how severe the patient’s symptoms are. Usually the results of the basis for our treatment recommendations.

In most cases, we will recommend Mandibular advancement devices (MADs). Getting the right kind of device that works best for you is a matter of conferring with your dental practitioner.

Here’s a cautionary note. You might be able to find a more generic appliance in your local pharmacy, but we caution strongly against it. The best dental appliances to look after your sleep apnea are custom fitted.  Those appliances form drug store can even mask the underlying problem of snoring and could lead to further issues. We are always available to answer any and all of your questions before we begin the process to find the right appliance for you.


We take a personal interest in making sure that your North York sleep apnea treatments are effective.

It’s important to keep in mind that many of our patients report they feel better wearing dental devices because they are more comfortable than the other option, like CPAP masks.

We are dedicated to making sure that you get the right treatment that works properly for your particular circumstance. If you suffer from this particular affliction getting in touch with this is the first step to alleviating your symptoms. We provide the North York sleep apnea treatments that work for you.

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