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Newtonbrook Dental office in North York is proud of all the excellent dental services we offer including of course North York root canal treatment.

If for any reason bacteria gets into the root canal of a tooth or due to trauma to the tooth nerve tissue and blood vessels inside of the tooth start to die or go necrotic we need to initiate root canal treatment.  In this procedure dentist would go inside of the root with very fine instruments and cleans the roots from infection and dead tissue and then fill it with special material.  This is the only way to take care of infection.  Root canal treatment has a notorious reputation among the public and its mainly due to misconception of this treatment and its association with pain.  If the infection inside of the root does not get cleaned it would spread into the adjacent bone and then it would lead to dental abscess.  Dental abscess is unpleasant and usually its very painful.  That’s how the bad reputation of root canal treatment comes from because already pain and infection has started but patients think that pain is the result of root canal treatment.


Usually, the tooth is fully restored after one complete round of sessions. However, there are some circumstances that can mean a second set of treatments will be necessary. If that’s the case, our dental professionals are always happy to help. Making sure each and every one of our patients is 100% satisfied is our number one priority.

We also suggest that a crown is a good idea after one of our North York root canal processes. We find it’s the best way to protect the newly fixed tooth after our procedure is over.  After root canal treatment tooth becomes more fragile and would require crown to protect it.


Newtonbrook Dental office in North York is dedicated to making sure that every one of our patients gets a beautiful smile they can enjoy for a lifetime. That’s the best feeling we share with them. Not only are we compassionate and caring regardless of the kind of dental procedure you need, we have the latest technology.

We use only the latest digital x-ray techniques.

Your experience with us starts with a warm and comfortable atmosphere. From the moment you walk into our facility, every member of your family will be greeted by knowledgeable and friendly administrative staff. These people can answer all of your questions and are dedicated to making sure you get the best advice, education and dental care.


It’s very important to us that we make a good first impression whether you need North York root canal treatment or any one of a number of other services. We pride ourselves on having a clean and comfortable facility as well as some of the best experts and dedicated family dental professionals.

Remember, we cater to a large swath of differing dental issues including problems that need root canal. If you’ve got a problem or issue with any of your teeth, you should schedule an evaluation with us. It’s the best way for us to take a look at you and determine what the best course of action is. A proper diagnosis is always the first step toward successful treatment.


Complete and thorough. Those are two words we hear very often surrounding our dental services. Taking a careful and methodical approach to each of your dental issues is one of the things that we do very well. Any process starts off with a consultation.

This is the first step in putting together a complete treatment plan that’s tailor-made to each individual. In that consultation, our professional dental team will review your dental and medical history before we move ahead with any treatment suggestions.

Of course, if we find any infected pulp in the root canal, it’s critical that we remove it as soon as possible. The reasons for this infection can be decay or a chip in the tooth. For professional root canal treatments in North York call us today at 416-223-2453.


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