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Newtonbrook Dental office in North York specializes in a variety of different fields including North York dental implants that will make you look great and feel good about yourself. We know that people always don’t get to keep their original teeth despite their best efforts. When it becomes time to consider your options, these North York dental implants are an excellent course of action.

This cosmetic dentistry procedure acts like an anchor since it is secured directly to your jawbone by our experienced dental team. They are the closest thing to your original teeth. If you’re looking for a way to boost your confidence and be able to enjoy the foods you love, dental implants are the correct choice.


This is one of the cornerstones of our practice. Dr. Safari has been fortunate enough to carry out this procedure many times over the last several years. It’s become one of the main focuses of everything we do at our Newtonbrook Dental office in North York.

Along with dental implant surgery, Dr. Safari has experience and training with bone grafting as well as sinus lifting. These quite often go hand-in-hand with successful dental implant surgeries. Because our team has experience in all the different procedures needed, there’s no need to refer patients to specialists in most cases. When you come in for North York dental implant surgery with us, you leave with a brand-new smile you’ll have for years to come.


Please keep in mind, that every single patient who comes through our doors is treated like a member of our family. Not only are the North York dental implants we use innovative and industry-leading, but we also have some other excellent technologies.

These include digital X-rays, a 2D panoramic option, and our 3D CBCT machine which gives us a detailed extensive view of deeper areas that 2D X-rays will not show. We also have in-office crowns that only take one appointment and a variety of other North York dental services. Your trip to our facility is something you should look forward to. It starts with an atmosphere that’s comfortable and friendly. Our administrative staff can answer many of your questions. Our dental staff are always available to show you every procedure so you’ll be well-informed.


There are a few other options, but none of them come as close to the real thing as our North York dental implants. For example, dentures are considered one of the better options because they exert a type of binding force on the gum. That alone usually makes them not very comfortable or secure. Patients also reported to us that dentures can come off and food can get trapped under the denture itself. This can cause discomfort and bad breath.

Here’s another reason why dentures may not be the best solution. They cover part of your palette and a portion of your taste buds so you don’t taste the food you love as well.

There are other options when you lose a tooth. We can file one of the adjacent teeth and cover the missing area with a bridge that has three or four different fixed units. This covers the missing tooth in the middle. However, some drawbacks make North York dental implant options better. A dental bridge requires that we shave at least two teeth and in the end that makes them susceptible to pain and cavities.

If you’ve lost one or several teeth, North York dental implants are the clear answer. We can replace one or more missing teeth with one of our dental implants. Once the procedure is complete, you can chew hard foods because the force is transferred directly to the jawbone.

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